organic-country-side-300x240Lama Chodpa is 100% pure natural Tibetan incense. Organic, free of chemicals, pesticides, or additives; grown, blessed and hand made at the Monastery. Hand made to the exact specifications of a recipe from an ancient scroll. The life process of nature is constantly kept in the highest regard in all decisions from sustainable harvesting through the final stages of production.

Tibetan tradition is strictly adhered to during the creation process, from using the purest possible ingredients (the mandated proportions of medicinal herbs) to the artesian process where the carefully dried ingredients are individually ground (using a mortar and pestle), blended by hand, and dried by the sun. The sticks are hand packed in protective tubing and hand-made paper; wax sealed using an auspicious seal of Tashi Jong (auspicious happy valley).


all-ingredients-are-blessedAll ingredients are blessed; one however is the object of a 9 days blessing ceremony for 12 hours a day by 200 monks. After the 9 days blessing, it is placed in a Dharma protector room to be blessed once a day for an entire year by a meditation master before being used in the incense.

Lama Chodpa is a Direct Trade product brought to you by the Eden’s Rose Foundation. Projects ranging from the direct support of Tibetan refugees to medicinal herb and organic agricultural development come together along with sustainable community development in villages of once nomadic Himalayan tribal groups; are being planned, developed, and implemented through funding derived by Lama Chodpa Incense and other Direct Trade Projects.

In Buddhism, the highest spiritual ideal is to cultivate compassion for all sentient beings and to work for their welfare to the greatest possible extent. It is through the sale of Lama Chodpa that the Eden’s Rose Foundation hopes to spread powerful blessings and to realize this goal.

Lama Chodpa Incense stands in support of the earthquake victims in Nepal and remains committed to emergency relief aid and long term community development throughout the Himalayas. Find out how you can get involved. Contact our friends at or


“The superior person of devoted character heaps up small things in order to achieve something high and great.”
– I Ching